My Weekly Motivation (Oct. 31, 2014)

Sports men and women that have transcended the barriers of time and have remained a staple on their respective sports for decades on end are a few and far between. In the professional surfing world that place belongs to only one man: Kelly Slater.


Kelly, as he’s called by peers and fans alike, has been crowned Association of Surfing Professionals’ (ASP) World Tour Champion a record 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles in 1994–98. He is the youngest (at age 20) and the oldest (at age 39) to win the title. Upon winning his 5th world title in 1997, Slater passed Australian surfer Mark Richards to become the most successful champion in the history of the sport. That at the age of 27.

Kelly Slater quoteKelly’s longevity and consistentcy in a sport that traditionally is dominated by younger competitors and that requires both agility and athleticism, is something to behold. Because of those reasons and many more, Kelly Slater continues to inspire yours truly to break the barriers age attempts to erect on my achievements as an athlete.

Cheers Kelly.

Inspire Others to Succeed


Living your dream is a masterpiece completed by those who take massive action. In the process, by doing that, inspire others to do the same.

**Thanks to my mentor, Paul Barry, for sharing this message.

As The Saying Goes

Under the radar you may be able to do many things. In the military and intelligence industry silence is king. Not so for everyone else who needs to make a living.

As you expose yourself and ultimately your business to “the elements” make every effort possible to avoid copy catting. You owe it to yourself, your crew and your family to do what you do differently.

The saying goes “only the strong survive”. In today’s climate that must be changed to “only those who do it differently succeed”.

Avoid the status quo. Work harder and smarter than everyone else. Be great and consistent at your craft….everything else will take care of itself.