As The Saying Goes

Under the radar you may be able to do many things. In the military and intelligence industry silence is king. Not so for everyone else who needs to make a living.

As you expose yourself and ultimately your business to “the elements” make every effort possible to avoid copy catting. You owe it to yourself, your crew and your family to do what you do differently.

The saying goes “only the strong survive”. In today’s climate that must be changed to “only those who do it differently succeed”.

Avoid the status quo. Work harder and smarter than everyone else. Be great and consistent at your craft….everything else will take care of itself.

Paradise Can be Found Here



This great image was snapped by my late cousin Paul Boehme. He was an avid photographer who spent his last years taking pictures of our beautiful island. This I share with you today to honor his memory and to show the world the paradise we, Dominicans, live in.

My Weekly Morivation (Oct. 17, 2014)

Once in a while you read about a person’s overwhelming feat and you start to ponder what motivated that person to attempt such an endeavor. On September 2, 2013, Diana Nyad successfully completed what she had attempted four times in the past, and no one has ever done before (though many have tried). A mind bending swim from Habana, Cuba to Key West. A 110 mile journey that tested her will, risked her life, but most importantly, made her a legend and inspiration for generations to come.

For her demeanor to complete a task, no matter how impossible it might seem, Diana Nyad inspires me to continue to push myself to achieve great things that may seem impossible to many.

diana nyad