Signs You’re Doing Everything You Can

A few days ago I experienced what I can best describe mediocre service. Having gone through school abroad I came to learn the importance of presenting your best self when serving a customer.

Remarks such as “excuse me, I’m doing the best I can” should be stripped out of our psyche and vocabulary if we are to offer someone else the best from us.

As we put forth the quality of our service, think of how you can improve the day of the person you’re attending to. Your actions could very well make the difference.


On the Bottom of the List Again

Recently, a new study from the University of Michigan revealed new statistics grading the quality of driving throughout the world. Unfortunately for us, Dominicans, we came dead last on the list. Out of all the nations on earth we are the worst in terms of how our citizens drive.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been at the bottom of any list before, maybe dead last on a race, the last to arrive at an engagement, worst grade on a test, you know it doesn’t feel good.

I we were to do a psychological evaluation of most people driving on my homeland streets you will find psychopathic behavior, death wish actions, total lack of civism, and last but not least, total disregard toward the well being of others.

The really sad part of it all is that there are no signs of improvement, regardless where you look. Even the local traffic authority (AMET) has giving up on attempting to correct the problem. Now they are resourcing to raids to catch drivers in the act, although their procedures are highly questionable.

As a citizen of the Dominican Republic I feel that while other nations are moving forward in terms of how they deal with their problems, we are moving backwards in all aspects of our social, economical and political lives. There is not even one aspect I feel we are progressing on, not even our tourism industry that previously was the jewel of our economy.

In the sense of becoming a modern nation, I believe most of Dominicans have given up and are only waiting on the country to implode. A nation with so many resources to succeed is just sitting idle, at the mercy of its politicians who, like in many other countries, are looking after their own interests.

That we are listed last on driving quality, so what. That we give up trying to improve, that my friends is a recipe for disaster.