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Just days away from traveling to Montreal, Canada for the XV FINA Masters World Swimming Championships, I greet everyone fighting to achieve their goals. Never, ever quit on your goals. Consider the journey that got you here and the hard work you put in to put yourself in this position. Cheers to those that are about to fulfill their mission. Play On, Swim Hard, Succeed!

the narcissist


By José  D'andrade - IT Consultant, Head Coach and Swim Clinician at Clinicas de Natacion RD

At first glance he or she can motivate everyone around to give more than they are accustomed to, mainly because of enchantment techniques, ingenious behavior and a lot of charisma (maybe even subtle bribes). But soon, the real colors that accompany the lack of empathy start to emerge. Behind them, a true personality starts to surface.

All Narcissists end up operating under an “control all” scheme. They’re erratic and compulsive, drama kings and queens that can turn into iron fist dictators in a very short time. Due to this, there comes a moment in time when they stop producing followers and end up pushing away non-followers. Entropy takes care of the rest.

They are skilled in producing very articulated speeches in front of company boards or any other superior authority. In other words, a lot of excuses.

Since they feel superior, given that in their own valuation others “don’t know anything” or “don’t care”, the narcissist leader makes up stories of magnificence and throws them at the few remaining followers and those who he has recently hypnotized.

Narcissists never seem to feel guilty or responsible for the end result; meaning the performance of the organization. He depletes energy on auto-destructive behavior, self punish rituals and guilt purges to alleviate his anxiety. All the blame falls on everyone else, not him.

The environment becomes saturated, demands increase, performance decreases, dismissals and resignations spike, and finally performance appraisals cease to exist. With these mechanisms in place they start planting cynicism, absenteeism and withdrawl (both phyical ans psychological) through the entire organization. Their behavior is predictable because they are not meeting company objectives, and are not believers of the organization’s Vision, Mission and Values. All due to their perception that nothing matches their Vision (or lack there of), Mission and Values. They are egocentric leaders doing the company a favor.

Freud said it best:

Narcissists are emotionally isolated and highly distrustful. They’re usually poor listeners and lack empathy.

Competitiveness? If you have lived through working for someone such as this, what and ordeal! The organization may be able to win a sprint race, but remember, long term success is a marathon. Maybe you have seen this behavior in other organizations. Enron anyone?

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José D'Andrade

José D’Andrade

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José in his won words: “I started as a developer, one particular job changed my life, ended up in school again and became a lawyer.”

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