Tracing My Ancestors

Over several conversations with my father, interest has grown in me to finish linking my ancestors’ family tree.

Information we have today seems to lead toward the theory that they came to the island of Hispaniola from France, as part of the French army to combat the slave revelion in Haiti.

Lucky to have escaped an unfruitful belic campaing, they settled in the northwest mountains of the Dominican Republic, in a town called San Jose de Las Matas.

That’s where we lose track of them. The Bisono family is not certain of who they were, their names or what exactly they came to do on the island.

If you or anyone you know has successfully retraced their ancestry, please share your methods with us. We would love to find the missing link in our family tree.

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My Weekly Motivation

Hi to all. As an athlete I always need to be motivating myself to give my best in training and in life, day after day. With that in mind I will be sharing with you some of the aspects that motivate me to work toward achieving my goals.

Feel free to comment and reach out to me.

Yours truly,

Tomas E. Bisono.


Usain Bolt is one of the most admirable athletes in modern history. His demeanor moves mountains and this quote speaks volumes. For that reason, Usain Bolt’s “The Sky Has No Limits” quote has become an integrate part of my own motivation.


Congestion, Materialism and the World of Tomorrow

Living in a society where an attitude of “only the strong survive” reigns supreme, I find myself debating between laser focus and zooming out philosophies, in an attempt to navigate a thick maze of shallow minds and unsustainable pretentious spending.

The world I find myself inhabiting is a much different microcosm than the tranquil place I grew up in playing hide and seek, riding bikes and playing baseball. After all I’m Dominican, aren’t I?.

Lucky for this author, the circumstances that have kept me here have enough meaning to have stopped my whining and complaining a long time ago. Once in a while, though, I embark on an inner journey to consider the future and ponder the choices presented to me as a husband, father and provider.

What I’ve found on my journey is a treacherous path built for the few, where the many have a bleak chance at traveling it. Pondering an apocalyptic future such as this, I rely in my athletic background to set goals for myself and my family to permit us a respectable standard of living, without having to soil our hands in the dirt and shallowness of the ensuing society.