How to Boost your Productivity with Online Tools

With everyone talking about how to maximize the use of their time, sometimes it’s difficult to find the right set of tools to squeeze as much productivity out of the day as we can. Because of that, we need to search and find those tools that will help us work smarter, not harder.

Back in February 2013 I posted my first article, which covered the topic of productivity. In it I mentioned some tips to increase the amount of tasks we complete in a day. Six months have elapsed since I published that post, and although my point of view has not varied one bit, I have discovered some really neat online tools and apps that have helped me to boost my productivity.

Today’s professionals, employed or business owners, must continue to concentrarte toward what creates value and allows them to make the most progress. Here are several tools I personally use on daily basis to keep track of my todos and orchestrate as much as a productive day as I can:

* Weave

I’ve been using Weave for more than six months now, and I love it! This easy-to-use and free app helps me feel organized and in control of everything I need to get done; daily tasks, hobbies and everything in between – all focused on the projects that are important to me.

* Evernote

I love this app! Evernote’s features, including its web interphase, make it a very robust journaling tool. I use it every day for clipping articles to a centralized location, to type down important ideas and keep track of projects. This app is a staple on the New York Times ‘Top 10 Must-Have App’ list and has won multiple tech awards.

* iDoneThis

The first time I heard about this app was during Daniel Pink’s podcast. I immediately downloaded it and have been using it since. The feature I love most about this app is that it pops up on your iPhone or iPad at the end of the day and urges you to write down what you accomplished during the course of the day. Countless times I have relied on what I wrote down in this app to look up milestones I achieved in the past.

* MindMeister

This is a cool app. Since discovering it via a fellow blogger’s site, I use it frequently to map out projects that require several phases to complete. It helps me to visually see what I need to shoot for in each of the phases of the project, as well as graphically put milestones (goals) that keep me motivated toward completion.

* Dropbox

This one has literally saved me from losing all of my data. This awesome app is available for almost every OS. Dropbox is like a virtual storage bin where you can keep all of your documents, photos, videos, and other data. All these files can be accessed when you open the app on any of your devices (PC, laptop, and smartphone).

Regardless of the tools or methods you prefer, the key is to develop structure into your day. This will open up time for other things like spend time with friends and family, exercise or continue your education.

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